Sunday, June 24, 2012

My work in progress

I know, I should write something earlier:)
Today I would like to show you how I create my jewelry, just a little bit at start (I can't  revel all the secret of at the beggining)

This is one of my workplace ( the second is in my boyfriend's parents home where we often go). It's a little messy, sorry for that:)

This is my new bracelet with lapis. I made it in wire wrapped and soldering  technique.

And this is how it looks during my work.

I also made a similar ring.

Do you like it?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Welcome to my magic world of silver wire and colorful stones. This is my first blog in English language so please be understanding. I know that English isn't my strongest part but with your help I will be better and better. So...let's start:)
Some of you know me from Etsy. This is my Etsy Shop
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Ma name is Kornelia and I come from Poland. I was born in Goleniow (near the Baltic Sea) but currently I live in Cracow – it's most beautiful city in Poland, full of magic and historic places. Hope I will show you some pictures soon.
It's me:)

My biggest passion is jewelry. I started making it 6 years ago. I love wire wrapped technique. It's not olny my passion but olso full time work. I love to create new things. I start to work with wire not sure what I create this time. It can be just a small ring or big luxury pendant. It all depends on my imagination, imagination that I can't control all the time, I just don't want to control it.